Catching up with Rutger at the EBI and ISMB

I’m wrapping up a len20150709_161126gthy trip to England and Ireland, in which I had the chance to catch up with a member of the lab, Rutger Evans, who has been working on a summer project at the EBI, under the guidance of one of my favorite collaborators, Rob Finn.

Rutger has been hard at work on a project to improve speed of a portion of the InterPro annotation project, and I had the chance to see the status of that work in a meeting with Rob. In addition to producing an important improvement to the InterPro pipeline, he’s also learned a great deal about the many complications of moving to Cambridge for a short-term tenure (3 months) – if you find yourself planning a similar sort 20150713_180846of short-term employment in/near Cambridge, I’ll bet he’ll be happy to give you some hints.

Since Rutger was in England, it seemed appropriate to send him to the biggest conference in our field, ISMB (and since he was going, I might as well attend also!). It’s been a great conference with a broad range of interesting science. Rutger has remained a willing and active participant through the entire event, attending 3 days of talks, discussing an endless supply of posters, and enduring Guiness-themed evening events. Rutger will return to Missoula in about a month – I’m sure he’ll have plenty of stories to tell!



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