Genevieve, Alex, and Daniel present posters at ISMB in Prague

A good chunk of the lab had the pleasure of attending the ISMB 2017 in Prague, ending just a couple days ago. Before and during the conference, we had a chance to meet up with several lab collaborators, and to attend an endless stream of informative talks. We also managed to get a little touring in, with trips to the castle, the Charles bridge, a unique marionette performance of Don Giovanni, and exposure to the singularly Czech style of table service.

The three students on the trip all joined in on the poster session, where they presented the preliminary results of their recent research. Their posters were:

Alex Nord  – “Splice-aware multiple sequence alignment improves protein alignment quality and supports alternative reading frame detection”

Genevieve Krause – “Frameshift aware profile hidden Markov model for protein-DNA alignment”

Daniel Olson – “TRUCE: a Hidden Markov Model  for Annotation of Tandem Repeats”

(Special easter egg in the photos below: Alex found himself describing his work to my PhD advisor, John Kececioglu.)


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