Genevieve, Alex, and Daniel present posters at ISMB in Prague

A good chunk of the lab had the pleasure of attending the ISMB 2017 in Prague, ending just a couple days ago. Before and during the conference, we had a chance to meet up with several lab collaborators, and to attend an endless stream of informative talks. We also managed to get a little touring in, with trips to the castle, the Charles bridge, a unique marionette performance of Don Giovanni, and exposure to the singularly Czech style of table service.

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Congratulations to Gillia Patterson

Congratulations to lab member Gilia Patterson, who today was recognized as the University of Montana Outstanding Senior in Genetics and Evolution. Gilia has done great work with me on understanding sources of transposable element mis-classification (manuscript coming soon to a theatre near you), and we’re happy as can be for her!

Student receives fellowship for summer 2016

Alex-NordAlex Nord has just been awarded a Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics Graduate Student Fellowship for the summer of 2016. The fellowship will support Alex while he continues research on using spaced seeds to boost both speed and sensitivity in the context of database search with profile hidden Markov models (in HMMER, of course).

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Graduate student going to England for Summer Research Position


Outstanding senior and soon-to-be UM Computer Science graduate student Rutger Evans is heading to England. He’ll spend almost three months this summer performing research at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), located a few miles down the road from Cambridge, UK.

Rutger will join EMBL-EBI’s Protein Families team, jointly advised by Rob Finn (Protein Families Team Lead) and Alex Mitchell (InterPro Content Coordinator).

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